We are Lídia and Anna and we have come to explain our experience in the “Level Up Youth” project in Nicolosi, Sicily from May 3 to 11, 2022.

In this seminar we meet 9 different countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, Estonia, Turkey, Cyprus).

In these nine days they taught us theoretical concepts such as co-management and youth dialogue, all from a political perspective but through a very dynamic non-formal education method.

After getting to know each other and forming ourselves as a group, we got together in groups from different countries, where we were able to discover the realities of other regions and debate about it, reflecting and translating it into a political manifest that would have an impact when drawing up our plan of action and subsequent lobbying.

Apart from trying the exquisite Sicilian ice cream, the surprising pistachio cream and eating the best pizza in the world (awarded worldwide in Las Vegas 2019), almost dying climbing Etna (by freezing), paradoxically there was a recent eruption; Finally, we were able to increase our political activism and personal power, because what this meeting has done has been to give us hope at an individual and collective level, to value the fact of associating as a tool for real social change.

And you, if you don’t like something, what are you waiting for to change it?