Let’s Play, Sing and Dance Together in Barcelona

The project “Let’s Play, Sing and Dance Together: Effective Non-Formal Education for Adults”, which began on August 2013 ended this past July. After two years, the program was concluded in Barcelona, during the last mobility, because FCV was the coordinating organization of the entire program.

Looking back, we believe that many objectives were achieved, the main being:grundtvig 2
– Increase the knowledge of positive awareness of adults about the varied European cultural scene.
– Explore similarities and differences in the European music, song and dancing compositions, music, song and dance to develop a sense and an understanding of diversity.
– Supporting practical cooperation activities between the organizations that work in the adult education field to network and share best practices and experiences.

During this last mobility in Barcelona, which took place from the 21st to the 25th of July, we welcomed 17 participants from Estonia, Turkey, Holland and Hungary, all volunteers and technical staff of the partner organizations of the program. During these five days, local volunteers and other members of the organization have explained and taught our Catalan culture, with workshops on Catalan cuisine, traditional dances, castellers with the Castellers of Barcelona, etc. Moreover they participated11791977_10207933814047559_2636020640896630167_o in two major parties, one exclusively for them, thanks to the collaboration of the citizens of the Palma de Cervelló, which made it possible; and the other, totally true, the celebrations of Poble Sec.

Aside from taking part during a few days of our traditions, we also showed them the multiculturalism that you can breathe between Barcelona streets through dancing  workshops of Salsa and Bachata, Lindi Hop and Swing. Obviously, we didn’t miss the intercultural meal, rigorous activity in this type of mobility, where each group brought delights from their home countries.

In addition to dancing, singing and playing together, this last mobility was also the moment to make official presentations of the vision and the mission of each organization and of local activities developed under this program. All presentations were very interesting and very visual, using various media. To conclude, we evaluated, in groups, the project over the past two years, taking into consideration the mobility in Barcelona.
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FCV team is very happy for the work done, because everyone praised the successful project and all the partners will work to organize a second edition.

A cordial greeting to all the volunteers who have made this project possible: thanks to Pol, Eila, Sara, Lidia, Alba, Marija, Sandra and Lydia for the well done job.

For more information about the program check here.

Gorai Ramjee Grimal