We carried out the APV mobility program to Katowice, Poland to visit and have a meeting with the Instytut Rozdziénskiego, where Krzysztof was going to present us the project. We left Barcelona on Friday morning, quite early, probably the first flight in the morning, and made a stopover in Frankfurt, Germany. We finally arrived in Katowice around 15/16h. From the airport, we took a bus to the city center which took about 45-55 minutes.

Once we arrived in the city center we stayed at the B&B. And we met with those responsible for the project, in the restaurant Tatiana, almost next to the center, barely separated by a street. Once there, we left our dinner to the choice of the locals. There were four locals (Alina, Karolina, Krzysztof and Kamil), from Poland, a Bulgarian, who arrived late with another Pole, and the two of us.

For the second day we went to breakfast at Aïoli, a particular restaurant with a varied menu, it is worth mentioning that the food was exquisite. At the end, Natalia, who was one of the people in charge, took us to the Instytut
Rozdziénskiego where we spent the whole morning in a meeting in which the organizers explained to us with a presentation of the Infopack the work and activities that we will do in April with their respective dates.

At the end of the meeting, the Poles gave us some free time. During this time we visited the city, went to a shopping mall and strolled through the streets seeing all kinds of stores, we were surprised by the low prices (compared to the Euro), especially the food. After hanging out in the center, we went to the hotel to leave some purchases we made and as we had agreed, to return to the Instytut Rozdziénskiego to go all together to the Bella Mozzarella restaurant we decided to go a few minutes in advance to wait for Natalie, Krzysztof and the rest. When we arrived at the restaurant, the Bulgarians were quite rude, because instead of accompanying the group from the institute they went
themselves and independently of the rest to the same restaurant. Also when we all arrived at the restaurant, they were leaving and told us that they were going to visit a church nearby. We all laughed a lot at the situation, to be honest, because it was surreal to say the least.

We ordered pizzas and it was undoubtedly where we had the best atmosphere with the members of the Instytut, especially with Natalia, with whom we got to have a conversation and finally we ended up following each other on social networks, she is the one with whom we had the best relationship. It is worth mentioning that all the meals we had during the trip were paid by them, we did not pay for any meal. And the restaurants where we were going were nice and quite harmonious places, colorful and well decorated. Very cozy, in general.

To conclude, we consider it was good way to get to know the area of Katowice and have a brief presentation or approach with the representatives of each country, even if they were not half as many as they should be, but there was treatment with those in charge. It was a good way to get to know and create contact between groups.