Journey to Your Happiness

A journey to self-knowledge and human relationships in a privileged natural environment.

We were twenty-four people of six different nationalities. We met in Pedoulas (Cyprus) and began to get to know each other and ourselves, through activities such as sports, introspection, dancing, painting, playing…

After all this work, comes one of the most anticipated moments, the preparation of the event in Nicosia. Among all, we decided what actions we would do in the capital of Cyprus to share our learning. One of the winning actions was the “Free Hugs”.

We also decided to prepare a poster for each of the letters of the name of the project “Journey to Your Happiness”, so we could introduce our project and the Erasmus+ program to people.

During the event in Nicosia, each member of the team brought one of the posters and we finally made the star photo of the day.

All the team was united for the same cause: to share happiness with the inhabitants of Nicosia both on the Greek side and the Turkish side, because happiness does not understand borders or flags.

So that everyone can know a little about what we learned during those days, we want to share some of the materials and tools that the trainers of the training showed us:

Sara Cobos and Judit Barberà