How a job-shadowing experience can create new infrastructure for young people?

From February 7 to February 14, the FCV hosted a group of 6 young people, from 15 to 18 years old, who enjoyed a week full of activities within the framework of the practical learning experience (Job-shadowing) ‘Youth Leadership for Change’.

The activity took place in Barcelona as part of the project for the exchange of best practices and innovation in working with young people ‘Empower for change’, lasting two years, coordinated by the Georgian organization ‘Academy for Peace and Development ‘and implemented with the support of the Erasmus + program of the European Commission.

Although in June 2018 the FCV hosted 12 representatives from 4 Georgia councils and two non-governmental entities, this time the participants were teenagers who received pre-training in their country of participation, citizenship and political advocacy, young people who chose Barcelona to continue learning about these issues, this time using direct experience, dialogue and reflection as their main source of learning.

The program allowed us to meet and exchange with other young people of their age, activists, and collaborators of non-profit organizations and informal groups.

The group met young people of their age, FCV collaborators and young people who participate in the activities of the entities they visited, such as, for example, the ‘Drassanes’ Civic Center, the ‘Folch i Torres’ Youth Center’ or the Youth Information Desk in Ciutat Vella. They also met with leaders of youth non-profit organizations, youth workers and informers, thanks to whom they learned first-hand the public services and resources for young people offered by the different municipal services.

Throughout the week they received a theoretical presentation on the rules of participation in Barcelona, ​​with information on the existing bodies and processes to influence and propose initiatives by citizens; they learned about the role of community and community-based entities in the city, and the uses that young people make of public space.

Two of the most outstanding activities took place outdoor, at the ‘Teatre Grec’ in ‘Montjuïc’, where they participated in a social theatre workshop, and in the ‘Three Chimneys Square’, where they make a video to express their culture, dedicated to traditional Georgian dances.

The task of the group, as well as leveraging their experience to develop a set of citizenship and leadership skills, was to learn from practices that take place locally to facilitate young people’s participation in decision-making processes. On their return to Georgia, the group must elaborate concrete proposals, which will be part of the youth action plans and policies in their municipalities, strongly marked by youth depopulation and lack of opportunities for youth.

The evaluation of the activity done by the group was very positive, reaching its expectations without exception, both in terms of program activities and logistics.

We want to really thank the team of 8 FCV collaborators who were part of the activity and accompanied the group throughout the week, to the people in charge of the different civic centers, neighborhood, and information (mentioned), who dedicated their time and knowledge, and to the same group of young people who visited us, out of their curiosity, kindness, and participation.

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