From 9 to 29 May, the Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria will host in Vilanova y la Geltrú, and around the county of Garraf, a practical internship activity titled ‘Career Opportunities in Agriculture’.

Its objective is to know the work carried out by companies and organizations of the ecological agriculture, farming, livestock and fishing sector, through visits and internships in companies and entities of various kinds, which have in common the fact of protecting and caring for the territory and its native flora’s and fauna’s species, to produce quality products (and services), using criteria of sustainability, proximity, networking between the various agents of the territory and, ultimately, respect for the natural environment.

A group of 20 students, aged 16, will participate in the activity, and will have the opportunity to know in first person the work of companies, non-profit organizations and training centers, where they will carry out their internship practices for 9 working days.

The young people are students of ecological agriculture and agriculture mechanics from a vocational training center in the rural town of Parvomay, in the province of Plovdiv, Bulgaria (‘Vasil Levski ‘Professional School of Agriculture), accompanied by two teachers and a person in charge from the center.

We are going to dedicate the first week to getting to know the neighborhood, the city and visiting the collaborating entities, some of them well known and with years of experience, including ecological agricultural companies, winegrowers, horse breeding, gardening, fishing nets’ repairing , natural pathways rehabilitation and maintenance, among other business and solidarity initiatives.

This is the third collaboration of the FCV with the Center for European Initiatives ‘Stara Zagora’, 8 months after having hosted in Barcelona (from 1 to 8 September 2020) the study visit carried out by the team of teachers from a tourism teaching center, an activity that, despite the difficulties in that pandemic context, was a complete success.

The activity is part of the mobility program for learning purposes dedicated to students from occupational training centers, which has received the support by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission and the Bulgarian national agency.

The program will allow students not only to enjoy their experience and learn about the work of several companies and entities, but also to understand the value of caring for the territory and its native products and species.

We aspire for the visit to be an intensive learning experience that will help and encourage students to become successful agricultural and livestock entrepreneurs in a near future.

The activity should also serve as recognition of the good work done by the collaborating organizations, as well as an new type of activity for the economic and tourist promotion of Vilanova i la Geltrú and the Garraf county.

In the FCV, it will help us to better understand in what ways such an essential sector in every society (and that, therefore, is called ‘primary’) is adapting to the current situation marked not only by the pandemic but also by the environmental and economic crisis.

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