From May 29 to June 10, the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària hosts a new practical training activity with the participation of young students and in partnership with a professional training center in Bulgaria: “Natural and Bio-friendly Techniques and Products in Hairdressing”.

For two weeks, a group of 17 people, 17 and 18-years students from the Evridika school in the city of Kardzhali, will participate in an intense program based on the exchange of experiences and learning with professionals from the Vilanova y la Geltrú hairdressing sector, as well as in carrying out small tasks that allow them to acquire techniques, know the work tools and products they use.

The group will be part of the professional team of schools, hairdressers, and cosmetic centers for 5 days, to learn a little about how the sector works on a day-to-day basis.

Despite the language, cultural and age barriers we will be able to carry out games and workshops that will help the group to develop communication, teamwork, cultural expression, and entrepreneurship skills, as well as to better understand what makes a product friendly to the environment (bio-friendly).

As is established practice, every day we will propose different activities to reflect on the activities carried out, identify and share the learning of the day, and, to the best of our abilities, adapt the program to their interests.

The group, staying in the Baixamar neighborhood, next to the Ribes Roges Avenue and the beach, will also be able to enjoy a guided tour of Barcelona and Sitges.

The activity is the result of a partnership between the FCV, the Center for European Initiatives ‘Stara Zagora’, and the Evridika School ‘Vocational school of clothing and design’. It takes place thanks to the support of the Erasmus + program and the Bulgarian national agency, an institution that awarded the Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria in 2021 as the organizer of the best project carried out with its support in this same line of action (mobility for professionals and vocational training students ) among more than 170 activities.

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