Hi, I am Anna, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Barcelona. Thanks to Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, I am working as a volunteer at CAT foundation in Leszno, Poland.

Although I left with great enthusiasm in the suitcase, I also left room for fears and doubts, but it has been a month since I arrived.

What a month! I am happy, very happy.

I wish I could stay more months (and I still have 6 months left).

Since I have training and experience in human resources, I have been put to work hand in hand with the staff on issues related to local volunteers. They have given me the opportunity to train in this area, and I am extremely grateful because every day I like this world more.

I am promoting the Erasmus + scholarship by going to schools to give talks about what the program offers (financial aid, language courses, accommodation, medical insurance, constant learning in the skills proposed by the EU …).

I am also preparing a book with all the necessary information to live abroad thanks to this scholarship: where to find the information, how to choose your project, how to contact the sending and destination organization, how to prepare a CV, how to overcome the dreaded Skype interview in English lol.

Also, I am organizing different meetings between local and international volunteers to facilitate the integration of cultures. How delicious it is to taste ‘around the world’ food!

Other things I do, is to screen the requests that come to us and set interview hours with future volunteers.

One of the things I like doing the most here is traveling and being with my friends, the other volunteers.

I leave you some photos and videos of my process and I invite you to leave ESC, you will not regret it!!

I leave you the link of a newspaper for which I was interviewed (page 42)