Hello Barcelona! Hello Catalunya!

svemarija3First of all let me introduce myself: my name is Marija (pronounced María- I have to explain it all the time :D)! I am from Montenegro, a tiny but beautiful country in the western Balkans that borders with Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia and Albania.

I have so much on my mind about my EVS and sometimes I don’t have enough words to describe how happy I am for the opportunity to spend 8 months here in this beautiful city, surrounded by great people- you gotta live it to feel it!

In January started my life in a new city… and not just in any city, but in the one that everyone wishes to wake up in at least once in a lifetime: Barcelona! And not just that, I must also say that Barcelona alone has more inhabitants than my entire home country Montenegro (620.000)!svemarija2

The night I arrived I found out that the glorious Sagrada Familia was just around the corner from my new apartment. Everything was magic from the very beginning. Long wide streets, ornate terraces, amazing rooftops, so many interesting people around me. The adventure was about to begin, and in a great style! The air smelling so different made my heart beat faster and adrenaline rushed through my veins while the feeling of something big and beautiful was overwhelming me.

svemarijaThat was Spain coming into my life for the first time. Barcelona is much bigger a city than the one I’m coming from so it took a while until I got used to the city rush, metro and so many cultural monuments and tourists. All the people I’ve met so far are warm, friendly and helpful, and my colleagues at work and roommates accepted me as one of their own.It feels like home. It feels like I have always walked these streets and breathed this air.

So excited about my tasks in FCV! Learning process has begun with huge support of my lovely team! Learning Castellano, preparing my first event and many other things!

P.S. If you are interested to know more about Montenegro, follow our updates because soon we will make a little event about it.


P.S.2! Here, in the Erasmus+ Dissemination Platform, you can find the details of my project!