Do you want to help us create a guide/manual for eco-friendly practices? Do you want to organize educational activities that are increasingly sustainable and kind to nature?

In the current context, marked by the climate crisis, we consider it urgent to know better and disseminate those practices that allow a more intelligent and responsible use of natural resources and energies (some of them, by the way, are increasingly limited, such as water).

Regardless of the contents, formats, or methodology that we use, we believe that the care and protection of our natural environment should be an objective shared by all educational organizations and that the capacity building of young people should be compatible with improving our relationship with the natural environment.

In a summer marked by fires, drought, and armed conflict in Ukraine, with new limitations to access energy, it is a good time to reflect and rethink what decisions we make and what practices we use, to see to what extent we are ecological and friendly with nature in our work, as well as to realize to what extent we are using ecological and sustainable materials (services, suppliers).

The results of the survey should help organizations to save and make more efficient and, therefore, more responsible use and management of natural resources.

They will serve to encourage other non-profit organizations, education and training centers, schools, and professionals in the educational world, to be more aware of the effects that the various decisions and actions have on our environment, once we have more information, tools, and practical knowledge. It will allow us to reduce the damage and negative effects that we cause, on the flora, fauna, and all the natural resources that surround us.

This survey is part of the international initiative ECOrasmus, carried out with the support of the German National Agency and the Erasmus + program of the European Commission. The initiative is coordinated by the youth organization European Intercultural Forum (Germany), in association with the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, The Tree Party (The Netherlands), Graphistes de l’ Ombre (France), and the MeOut group (Hungary).

Completing it will take no more than 20 minutes of your precious time and will help us a lot to make the guide practical and useful.

Answering the survey questions can also be an opportunity for you to reflect on the practices you carry out, as well as to identify the small (or big) aspects that you can improve in the organization of educational activities for young people.

Participating in the survey, at this link, will give you access to the results of the project: the guide/manual of good practices, as well as the resources of the online platform on eco-friendly practices.

Many thanks!

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