A great experience that I recommend to all young people


My name is Robert, and for a year I have been living in Lębork, a town in northern Poland. There, I was working as a volunteer in one of the European Union projects. My level of English when I started was not the best, but spending 24 hours a day speaking in English I learned a lot.

Not only have I improved in languages, but I have also learnt a lot about life and myself – it has certainly been a great experience that I recommend to all young people. But what I would highlight most from my experience in Poland, in addition to Polish hospitality, is the discovery of something that links my passions: karaoke bars. In Poland, I would say that you can easily find a good karaoke and be there with a good group of friends, and no matter nationalities, beliefs or cultural differences, enjoy fooling around, not minding if we sang well or not. In addition, Warsaw and Krakow are beautiful cities to visit.


It has been great to experience something like this; Now I have a long list of countries to visit where great friends await me. With nothing more to add, I wish all those amazing people I’ve met a happy life.