Our project ‘Spread the Game’ continues! This time in Celje (Slovenia) hosted by our partner MCC – Celje Youth Center.

Although the Mediterranean had to deal with the cold autumn of Celje, this didn’t prevent the participants to enjoy different activities in the city. Getting to know better the facilities and activities organized by the same Center: youth centre, hostel, offices, study area, etc. We were introduced to the treasure hunt of the MCC hostel, as an example of gamification to discover the city.

An agreement that all participants had was the difficulty in finding tools, games and apps that included inclusion, accessibility and were easy to find. As a common lesson, all the gamification examples that were presented seemed to upgrade regular activities, and have an inclusive filter to the work done.

During the visit, we visited the Techno Park, a science museum where we could find different examples of learning through activities and games, instead of theoretical work. With the gathered info, we presented different methods and ways to apply gamification in education. The project gave us the opportunity to work as a team, get to know each other, debate about inclusion and the differences between each country, and redefine the path for the next steps.