I could start this post by talking about my experiences in Kadaň and the Czech Republic, but I prefer to express how I feel right now. I feel grateful, full of love and new skills: be they linguistic, logistical, interactive, introspective, reflective and a long list of etcetera.

The fact that I shared this experience with people I didn’t know existed half a year ago still amazes me today. How wonderful life is, don’t you think? I want to thank my colleagues for being so dedicated and especially my coordinator for being there 24 hours a day. To the children, who taught me that there is no need to share language, age, beliefs, culture or anything to respect, love and play together. They are my teachers of being present. Thanks to each of the people who passed my contact as a game of dominoes. This game took me to my hilarious mentor, my smart Czech teacher, and my new Catalan sisters. Thanks to life, for crossing the bus with my Czech best friend and all the winter adventures we have experienced. Also, I am very aware of how lucky I was to have been able to experience the On Arrival training where we created a safe and magical place. I bring great friends with me.

I can’t leave out the excursions, ice baths, ice skating, saunas, hot foamy cafes, and trips around the Czech Republic and all over Europe. As I say, I have lived in constant active rest.

Before I finish, I would like to encourage people to do a ESC if they think it’s their time or if they have any questions. You can read thousands of experiences, but the one that counts is yours, and I assure you it will be unique and unrepeatable. It is a gift, for you and for those with whom you share it.

I am very grateful.