First pre departure training of the year!

On Thursday 21st of January took place the first pre departure training of the year! With the participation of 4 persons selected to be European volunteers, under the European Voluntary Service program -Erasmus+ of the European Commission. In a few weeks they will begin their EVS projects in non-profit organizations of 3 different countries in Europe: Sweden, Bulgaria and Finland.

The training was useful to resolve the last doubts and understand what are the main challenges and opportunities of making an EVS. We spend all afternoon to talk about the conditions of the program and the most characteristic elements of the EVS action, skills and competencies that they can developed, the type of problems and conflicts that can be found (and how to prevent and/or solve them), the culture shock, etc.

The training created a space to exchange practical information and advice to all the participants and who are already European volunteers!

We wish them to have an amazing EVS!