FINE Workshops at Salt

On 28 July the FCV team held one of the local activities of ‘Fine Arts for FINE Learning’ programme in Salt, Girona, thanks to the hospitality and trust of Fundació Gentis, a social NGO focused on supporting social inclusion of youth. The FCV team, assembled by Lluc (project coordinator), Sia and Żaklina (volunteers and experts) went to Salt to share the concept of FINE Learning.

We held 3 activities with different approaches to the process of creation.

First Activity, ¨The Power of illustration¨, introduced participants to various usage of illustrations and design, and gave them a conscious view on its presence, influence and diversity everywhere around, while recognizing its artistic and esthetic features. In the activity, the participants illustrated real-life socially engaged articles of different types. In this activity we focused on one of the fine arts: painting, drawing and collage techniques that turn sheets of paper into precious pieces of expression. 

In the next activity, ¨Pintacaras¨, participants created portraits of everyone in the group, switching from one ‘model’ to another. The task was opening the free and fast expression, spontaneous creativity and, at the same time, assertivity, to accept the input of others, different views and to be mindful about the other person. Above this all, this task bought everyone a lot of laughter and fun, both via the process and the results!

Last of the activities, called ¨Day and night¨ was enhancing empathy, team work, focus, non-verbal communication and showed surprising results of different unexpected approaches and strategies that developed between different couples.

Via the activities, the group practiced and got to know the FINE principals: Focused, Inclusive, Nurturing and Engaging; boosted their creativity and artistic skills and found themselves in new forms of teamwork. Besides the outputs delivered for participants, the international volunteers Sia and Żaklina ran their workshops in Spanish for the first time. The successful activity in Salt was at the same time a new challenge for all and we managed it just FINE!

We would like to thank Clàudia and the Fundació Gentis for inviting us on this day! It was a great pleasure to meet the group and to share our work with you!

The activity was done with the support of the Erasmus + program of the European Commission.