On March 22, the first online training of the ‘Advocacy for Youth Employment’ project took place, with the participation of 15 people, including the members of the 4 national teams that will be in charge of carrying out the next activities of an initiative whose objective is to draw attention to what legal and systemic changes are necessary in order to make it easier for young people to access a job.

Young people from the teams of the 4 promoter organizations participated in the training: Inter Alia, from Greece; SFERA, from North Macedonia; Europiamo, from Italy, and the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, together with young individuals motivated to turn around the tragic data on youth unemployment, and interested in learning how to carry out public advocacy actions and campaigns.

In it we presented the people, the project, the tasks to be carried out, and the tools that we propose to use to collect, analyze and select the information that can help us most to identify which are the legal and systemic aspects it is necessary to claim or change.

Nikos, project coordinator and founding member of Inter Alia, presented the rationale, objectives, and activities of the initiative, which ends in December 2022, and the FCV, for its part, presented the list of key skills and attitudes that we aspire to improve throughout the project activities to carry out successful advocacy actions. This FCV approach, shared by the partner organizations, of developing skills outside the official system gives us more options to achieve results, by allowing us to connect the tasks and commitments assumed by each one with the improvement of relevant skills, with the purpose of creating, putting into practice and analyzing new competence frameworks that can serve as a valid reference to many other entities.

According to the comments of the participants in the online training, it served to better understand what activities are being carried out by the national teams, as well as the situation of youth unemployment in other countries.

For more information about the activity, we recommend you consult the following link or send an email to projectes@catalunyavoluntaria.cat.

If you are interested in taking part in the next activities, there is still time!