From the 12 to the 13 of November, the FCV took part at a meeting for the creation of the GoEUnetwork, organizedin Barcelonaby the consultant Magenta, from Asturias, with the participation of more of 20 experts, project managers and international consultors, representatives of lucrative and non-lucrative  private entities, from: Poland, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Austria, Italy, United Kingdom, Georgia, Bulgaria, France and Catalonia.

The meeting served to get information about the different programs of community actions and to discover diverse proposals presented by the organizations, all of which had a long trajectory at the development of intersectoral, long-term, international initiatives.

One of the consultants presented up to 6 different proposals, representing educational centers and centers of vocational training, business schools, universities, etc.

The FCV presented two proposals, the first one to learn about the experience of entities that have incorporated refugees in their teamsand to work, alongside entities and social actors of different countries, to stair up the obstacles that hinder their participation in volunteering initiatives; and the other, to create new training resources that help young people to lead initiatives and campaigns of public incidence for change and social transformation.

The FCV took part In various work groups to learn more details of the proposals and the experience of the entities, in the frame of the different European programs and, as a result of the meeting, expects to be able to offer new formative opportunities and opportunities of mobility and volunteering for young people and leaders of entities.

The FCV expects to be part of initiatives to build new strategic associations, carry out projects of innovation, and create the and promote new resources of formation formal and non-formal training, on several topics, such as facilitating quick reading and reading comprehension or using body language and dancingin social education initiatives.

Furthermore, the FCV foresees to also contribute in the creation of educational materials for schools, that explain better which is the reality at the on going European context and to be part of initiatives that give real solutions at problems and challenges that take place all over of Europa from an European perspective, such as juvenile unemployment, social and educational lacks, bullying, addiction to technology or habits of urban consumption, insensitive at the serious effects of the climate crisis.

For more information about the project and the next activities, don’t hesitate to contact us through this email address:

Lluc Martí