FCV part of the network APROVE

One of the joys of international mobility with APROVE Association (Association for the Support of European Volunteering Projects) and other organizations is meeting with colleagues from different corners of the country, and being able to chat, contrast experience and share anecdotes and advices.

It is from these meetings that the APROVE Association is created, with the aim of having a common voice when speaking with the public administration and when making proposals, requests, changes, etc.

The association is made up of entities from all over the country, which work with volunteer projects within the framework of the now European Solidarity Corps. The FCV believes that it is important to be part of APROVE to be connected with those entities that have the same difficulties, the same questions and the same desire for improvement.

The entity intends to work horizontally, although there are figures who have devoted time and effort to managing its creation, maintenance and organization. In this way, it has been possible to create a network that can now work together and more efficiently, and have a relevant representation before the public administration.

APROVE focuses on all aspects of European volunteering: management, funding, grants, development and coordination. Thus, the relationship of all the colleagues who work in this area is formalized, and a space is created to share resources, doubts and above all, support and motivation.