Mainly, I would like to thank the FCV for being a candidate for this great opportunity and thus enjoying this magnificent experience. Next, to say that I recommend this training to everyone, especially to those interested in poetry, literature, bibliotherapy and people who work with children.  With this adventure,  I really have learned many things that have made me a new  aula different from the one of the past.

The experience in Kysak has made me re-start new habits, which I had set aside for years, such as reading and writing. I took two books, since the host organization asked it as material for thye training, and I came back to my house having finished those books. All the activities related to writing, reading and listening to books and everything that this encompasses, have helped me and have taught new knowledge in which I can carry out in my daily life as well as in future projects. We also did meditation, something that I wanted  to do years ago but had never done it bacause of lack of time.

Later, I also learned a lot from all my colleagues and friends, they have a lot of wisdom and even though my English is not perfect they always helped me in everything. To say that I take some very good people from this experience and that soon Iris and Benjamin will see each other in Luxembourg for Christmas, since we will meet there to see each other again.

The only thing that it was difficutl for me was the menu which was vegeterian. Personally, 8 days eating vegetarian food was sometimes exhausting, but I had the possibility of eating fuet which I brought from home so there was not problem at all.

Finally, I would like to  thank you again and I hope to be able to live many other experiences like this one and learn as muach as I did in these 8 days.

PS: Below you will see some of the images that I took during my stay in Slovakia.

Paula Rodríguez García