European Voluntary Service – receiving organization

FCV has a long career path and experience in receiving volunteers from European and extra-European countries, in the field of European Voluntary Service.

Here you can find the impressions of the last people who did – or are doing – their voluntary service with us:

  • How does it feel to realise your dreams

    It’s already March – primavera is in the air, the days are longer. It’s been already four months of my ESC project in Fundacio Catalunya Voluntaria. For me it’s the time to make a small evaluation. So how does it feel to be abroad, to make such a life change?

  • ‘Reality phase’ on your ESC

    Do you know the phases of love theory? First it is a strong fascination and only positive emotions and in the next phase, you start to see your lover in more realistic colours – you discover their bad habits or some things that annoy you. It is very similar with

  • I’m going for European volunteering in Barcelona!

    Imagine…it’s  the middle of pandemia, television is making you scared and a bit ‘pandemy-maniac’. What do you do then? Go for ESC – European volunteering in Barcelona! Sounds crazy?  Not as crazy if you think about it longer and deeper. My thought was: ‘Even if I can’t meet many people,

  • ESC in Barcelona – Covid Edition

    Have you ever heard about European Solidarity Corps projects? Or maybe…have you ever think about becoming an ESC volunteer? Probably yes! It’s an amazing opportunity to gain new experiences, to meet open-minded people, to learn languages, to live abroad and see many new places. What is more, this opportunity builds

  • POLCAT: Polish adventure in Barcelona

    The decision to start the project was a piece of cake. I’m not a person who overthink every decision for many days. If you started thinking about something, it means that you want to try. So, just try. Life is so easy. I love the big cities and the opportunities

  • EVS in Barcelona – my first experience abroad

    Hello everyone, Before I start to tell you how my 9 months EVS Eramus+ journey was, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alp, I’m from Turkey and I’m 23 years old. I was 22 years old when I volunteered, I had my 23rd birthday in Barcelona with

  • FCV host the job shadowing activity ‘Youth Leadership for Change’

    From February 7 to 14, the FCV will host a small group of young adolescents in Barcelona, ​​who will enjoy a week full of activities within the framework of the job shadowing- practical learning experience titled ‘Youth Leadership for Change’, which takes place within the framework of the two-year project

  • The art of nonviolent resistance: the story of the Singing Revolution in Estonia

    On the 17th of July, at Casa del Mar, we facilitated a workshop dedicated to the topic of nonviolent resistance and shared the example of the Singing Revolution in Estonia. The workshop was organized by Alice Britta Kukk and Helen Maria Raadik, who are carrying out their European voluntary service

  • My experience in the mid term evaluation!

    Alice volunteer of FCV, explain her experience in the mid term evaluation: From June 10 to 14, I attended the mid-term evaluation seminar in Mollina (Málaga), Andalucía, an activity aimed at all the volunteers who are currently carrying out their European volunteering (ESC) projects in Spain. The seminar, a meeting

  • Life is giving us opportunities every day. The European Volunteering Awards through the eyes of Marcin

    Life is giving us opportunities every day. Sometimes really little things can change our way of thinking. Like Winston Churchill said: “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” In the past I was focusing more on all difficulties the life was giving to

  • My experience as a support person in the international seminar ‘Volunteering for Peace’

    Hello! I am Alice and I am volunteer here in Fundació Catalunya Voluntària-FCV. I have now been volunteering here in FCV for 3 months and recently, from the 1st until the 7th of April, the FCV organized a European international seminar called ‘Volunteering for Peace’. In this seminar I got

  • Marcin, current volunteer at the FCV, among the winners of the 2019 Erasmus+ Volunteering Awards

    For the second year in a row, a volunteer at Fundació Catalunya Voluntària-FCV is among the eleven winners of the Erasmus+ Volunteering Awards, a contest for young people who are volunteering abroad to share their point of view. On this occasion it was Marcin, a volunteer from Poland who collaborates

  • My on-arrival training in Coma-ruga

    From the 25th until the 30th of March I attended my on-arrival training which was meant as a week of training for all the volunteers who have recently started with their voluntary projects in the same region. The 6 day training took place in Coma-ruga, which is a small town

  • Presentation day of the European Solidarity Corps

    Europe wants to keep building European solidarity and volunteering activities. This is one of the conclusions drawn after the presentation ceremony of the European Solidarity Corps, which took place on Monday, February 11, at the Meier Auditorium of the MACBA, in Barcelona. The purpose of this program? Foster solidarity in

  • “I came to Barcelona to search myself and who I want to be”

    As a volunteer in FCV, I participated to my midterm training, between the 23th and 26th of july. During 4 days, I was in Mollina, Malaga, with other volunteers from everywhere in Europe. This training have been the opportunity to take a look back on my 7 months passed in