EVS, you must do it!

Paula tells us about her SVE experience in Sicily:

Hi, I’m Paula and I’m doing my EVS in Sicily -Italy-, with the GIACHE VERDI association, about the environment.

I live with a volunteer from another country, and I know other volunteers, also from different countries. We learned the language quickly – had we not, we would have had it difficult to communicate! At first, you may feel that everyting is a little bit much for you, but everything gets better little by little. I have not had any problems, it is one of the best opportunities I have had and I have made the most of it, and I recommend this experience to everyone.

We are learning a lot of new things, we work hard with school children on environmental issues, so that they become aware of how important the environment is and learn how to take care of them through different projects.

I have tell you that at the beginning of this volunteering I found a partner, I could have never anticipated it, but these things happen when they do, and I am very happy and in love.

Thanks to this experience I have learnt many new things, both cultural and about myself, and I will always remember EVS.

Paula Ferré