A flow of emotions: Barcelona and Miranda de Ebro

One month ago, I left again my lovely city, to start a new adventure: the European Voluntary Service here, in Barcelona. A big city, with a lot of tourists and surprises, like Saint Jordi’s Day, one of the most beautiful days. This day is famous and since I have arrived in Barcelona, all the people talked about it, so during Saint Jordi’s day I went out of the office to take some materials and in Passeig de Gràcia I saw it, Casa Batlló, decorated with red roses and all the streets full of books and roses of every colour, amazing!

At the beginning, when I move in a new city I feel like in a bubble, getting used to it, its traditions, its people, its timetable and of course to its “vida mundana”, and in just one month I have had good times and bad times. But my cup of tea of this month had been the on-arrival training, in Miranda de Ebro, in the North of Spain.

It started on 29th of April, after six hours of train (where I watched for three times the film: Thor), we were 25 people from all Europe and it was the first time that we met, at least for some of us.

The first day we broke the ice and then we started to know each other with team building activities, castellan classes (¿Que pasa ti@?), organized by the coordinators, speaking Spanglish and drinking beer to the rhythm of “the dance of the EVS”.

The time passed so fast, and we spend half day in Orbaneja Del Castillo, a small city with waterfalls and a fantastic canyon, besides the last day the coordinators (Alba, Kris, Santi and Thomas) prepared a path along the river that created inside us a flow of emotions, it was terrific!!

So, if you’re planning to do an EVS, do it! And the on-arrival training will make you meet a lot of people, make new friends and feel new emotions.