The first word that comes into mind when I think of Poland, is the port city of this fantastic country, the Tricity (Trójmiasto in Polish). During 2015 and until 2016, I had the fantastic opportunity to reside in a town not far from it, and since then, I have left a splendid memory of this city and its society in general.

Last October, as if by magic, I had the chance to visit Poland again, but in this case in the South, near Wroclaw, in Polanica Zdrój, in Lower Silesia. From the very beginning, when I discovered this possibility and without thinking about it too long, I accepted with enthusiasm because, as I always say, it is harder for me to go shopping than to book a plane ticket to visit Poland.

This time my adventure in Poland would be focused on the attendance to a Training Course (Erasmus+ Training) for a week in November 2018, on the topic of First Aid and how to take a risk situation with calm and coherence. The training was carried out in excellent English by professionals of the field and by people who love their profession.

The experience was fantastic, incredible, emotional and enjoyable from beginning to the end. I believe that the only word I can find to define this magical and second experience is ‘Electricity’, because it reminds me of the emotions and feelings experienced at that time, and because electricity, helps me in some way to express how this training course was.


It is true that electricity generates light, and I could not agree more because this training was for me the light I expected, full of new opportunities and new ways of understanding, of learning and of knowing too. This light was even able to illuminate the somewhat opaque stage that I was living at that time.

Heat, because the union of the group that integrated this training was composed of warm people from fifteen different countries throughout Europe. All the participants gave to each other the warmth we needed to face the snow and the low temperatures that we faced during that week. And finally, more heat, because the Polish society is apparently cold, but once you get to know them, it is warm like the Sun.

Movement, because we didn’t stop doing different activities throughout all day, and to share anecdotes, points of view, opinions and illusions as if we were children. Movement, like life itself, that does not stop, like the winter wind, and like the days, which flew by like snow storms.


Electric charge was what we all had, to be able to give the maximum of us, to be able to squeeze every minute to learn, and because the electrical charge has no limits.

Electric current, because we worked and learned at this speed, without losing the enthusiasm and desire.

Electric field, because we touch different fields of the same subject, and because we didn’t end it.

Electric potential, because each one of us has a different potential and each one of us can enhance his/her qualities and contribute without fear to the rest, so that everyone receives, with the same force, new knowledge.

And finally, magnetism, because it is the force that united all of us as a group, and it brought out all the desire to learn that we had. Magnetism, because we were either all or none, so that if one failed, we all failed. Magnetism, like the one that gives off the Polish society, catches you and does not leave you indifferent, neither today, nor tomorrow.

Marcel – Erasmus+ Training participant