We are pleased to share the results of the evaluation carried out by the group of teachers of the vocational training center that participated, from September 1 to 8, in the international study visit ‘The Barcelona model in establishing a supportive environment for working with students with special educational needs’, held in Barcelona and Hospitalet de Llobregat and organized by the FCV with the support of the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.

At FCV we are very aware that whoever participates in the activities is the one who, thanks to their critical assessment, can help us improve the most, giving value to what has worked well and suggesting those changes, small or large, that can be made so that the group feel better and to make their learning experience more intense and rewarding or, in other words, more directly connected to their interests and learning needs. What has never happened to us until now is that the entire group gave the highest score to the organizational aspects. When the group was asked about logistical issues (accommodation, meals and transport) on a scale from 1 to 5, the whole group, without exception, scored a 5 on the 3 items.

Results very similar to those of the level of satisfaction and achievement of their expectations, which they were able to express on the first day and assess the last day in writing. Of the 9 people who wrote a percentage, 8 teachers rated the achievement with the 100% figure and one person with the 95% figure.

In response to the direct question, if they are satisfied with the visit, the whole group answered with ‘yes’.

We value very positively the courage, decision and trust in the FCV of the teaching team that has visited us from Bulgaria, despite the non-positive data of community transmission in our city (which represent a real danger to health, since, Despite extreme precautions, there is no zero risk), as well as the entities that have welcomed us into their facilities, a good example of the passion they have for their work, for the achievements made and for sharing experiences and practices with other entities and professionals from various sectors.

The start date of the activity (September 1), the changing and unstable context marked by fear and uncertainty, the limitations regarding travel and the organization of face-to-face activities, etc. they were elements that could make us think about the suspension, cancellation or failure of the activity.

We value very positively the courage and trust in the FCV of the teaching team that visited us from Bulgaria, despite the non-positive data on community transmission in our city (which represent a real danger to health), and, more than 2 week later it finished, we can confirm that nobody coming from Bulgaria was infected in Barcelona.

More information: projectes@catalunyavoluntaria.cat