It is a proposal from Jaume Bofill Foundation, Barcelona Provincial Council and the Federation of Pedagogical Renewal Movements that defends and promotes an idea: education is a fundamental right that all people should be able to enjoy beyond school.

The 360º Education Alliance is made up of a good number of municipalities, county councils, consortia, educational centers, networks, professionals, non-profit organizations, cultural, sports, research centers, etc. who want to work towards the creation of more and better educational opportunities in all times and spaces of life, as well as promoting the need to connect education and class and non-class learning, ‘so that each child and young person build their own itinerary vital with equity and without exclusions’.

In July, after receiving the Alliance’s newsletters for years, learning about its activities and consulting its website, the FCV decided to join the network, consistent with our understanding of comprehensive and lifelong learning, that recognizes the existence of diversity of sources and learning spaces and that uses non-regulated and intercultural education, also, as an engine of inclusion and social participation and equal opportunities.

Although we do not carry out activities in which minors participate, the FCV shares the manifest regarding the right to education of young people and adults and, for this reason, is a new member of the Alliance, which means assuming the commitment to promote 360º education and to participate, to the extent of our abilities, in the Alliance’s exchange spaces.

In the current pandemic situation, the Alliance advocates, precisely, to promote non-teaching educational activities (and outdoors, we would add) and educational support with full-time education programs, 360º Education, in classrooms, educational support spaces that, with the support of the municipalities and the involvement of the centers and teachers, they accompany school tasks, reinforce basic skills and develop study habits and techniques for students with special needs.

We encourage you to learn about the initiative by visiting its website, where you will find interesting resources, experiences and various information.