“The good thing about the years is that they heal wounds, the bad thing about kisses is that they create addiction”.

Joaquin sabina.

მაკოცე is a Georgian word which sounds as “makotse” and literally means “give me a kiss”.

Joaquín Sabina used to say that “the years heal wounds, and kisses create addiction”, and he was right. Georgia may have few things in the eyes of a person raised in the European Union, but if it is a winner, it is due to its passionate, emotional, temperamental and totally unpredictable society. This is the most latent magic of this country, that even far from our home, unites us in a very special way, and that once there, makes you feel as if you were at home.

This time, the study visit project has sent us to the most magical country in the Caucasus and, as always, has not left us indifferent. Its peculiar atmosphere has hit us from the first until the last minute; creating a roller coaster of emotions that still today are resonant like the first kiss of adolescence that is lived with that madness that makes us feel adults, despite being children.

For a whole week, thirty participants from different countries have shared hugs, tears, indescribable moments and ineffable situations that have made that moment a tangible memory even when we are back home.

This project, called “DISCOVER THE CAUCASUS”, despite having discovered the Caucasus, was also able to make us discover a little more about ourselves, what hits us the most, how do we manage our emotions, how do we live together, and how do we feel away from home.

It has led us to discover youth work by various Georgian entities throughout their country we have visited with enthusiasm and with a bouquet of endless rain as a background. It has been a great opportunity to understand that each country experiences various difficulties in many ways, and what they do to manage them in the best way, that is possibly what we all do in our country.

In an old bus, but with an incredible essence, we were able to visit Rustavi, Tbilisi, Batumi, Kobuleti, Ozurgeti and Zugdidi, to realize that the human mind has no limits, and that people are adaptable, resolute and that we can learn from every single person. 

With the great opportunity to visit nine diverse youth entities, each one with its most unique essence, we had the opportunity to share, contribute, listen and transmit diverse opinions, facts and experiences that have enriched us on a personal and professional level. 

The new generations must be cared for, pampered, but also demanded to the fullest, because it is this young generation that must follow the path that the older ones are leaving, and its entities are the maximum reflection of being capable to improve the future day by day.