Development of Creative and Critical Skills

There are many things you can do in your life and one of them is an Erasmus+. Erasmus + are projects in which people from all over the world meet, specifically from the EU (European Union). The EU plays an important role in these projects, as it gives EU residents the opportunity to go there for free. Those who leave only have to pay first the expenses they will reimburse: transportation; accommodation and meals are included in the program (not personal expenses). These cultural exchanges  have current and different themes with which to work and reflect, in which the various participants are very important.

The Development of Creative and Critical Skills exchange took place in Rezekne, Latvia, from 14th  May to 21st May 2022. 8 countries participated  in the project (Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania, France, Croatia, Ukraine, Turkey, Netherlands). There are also some activities that were already scheduled, such as the following:

  • Intercultural night: Night assigned to each country being an ambassador of its culture, food, etc.  Bringing traditional food and drink from their countries and showing some traditions of their cultures is part of it. After this,  let’s PARTY!
  • Role play: Discuss the main theme of the project by making a speech or other activities.
  • Planning activities for everyone in the teams: Prepare a dynamic activity on the project theme and show everyone how fun something so serious and important can be (it’s a good way to encourage people to participate and promote the project) THE MORE, THE MERRIER!
  • Secret Friend: Those games are a lot of fun. Each participant is someone’s secret friend. You have to take care of the person assigned as a secret friend and help him kindly without giving it, let’s say that you have to pamper him/her.

We recommend that you give these projects a shot because they will change your lives for the better; they are really useful in many ways. You will improve your English skills, make friends, get to know other cultures, learn new things, improve and develop your skills, work as a team and last but not least HAVE FUN AND ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!