International Conference ‘Designing the future of Europe’

On December 10, the international conference ‘Designing the future of Europe’ will take place in Athens, to report on the results of various educational activities carried out by young people in Greece, within the framework of the ‘Youth Pool 2021’ initiative.

In the event, dedicated to social participation, these young people will share how they imagine their participation in society and what are some of their concerns and proposals to influence issues that certainly concern them.

The event will feature the participation of representatives of civil society organizations, policy makers and other stakeholders willing to establish a dialogue with young people in Greece.

The activity, in English, takes place offline in Athens, being also possible to participate online, through the Zoom platform. You can register here.

The program will deal with:

  • Opportunities for young people in the European Union (Eurodesk GR).
  • Discussion: How young people can be informed. The role of the school.
  • The Conference on the Future of Europe: How can I participate?
  • Discussion: How can the participation of young people in the public and in European institutions be strengthened?
  • Stories from the future.
  • Community participation – Experiences from Latin America.
  • Mental health – The forgotten parameter. 

The activity is organized by the international network Inter Alia, of which the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària is member of.