Dear future volunteers!

Hi, future volunteer! My name is Carolina, I am 29 years old and I am from Barcelona. From April until November 2019, I have participated in an EVS project in Lithuania.

During these six months, I have volunteered in Kauni Marios’ Regional Park, in the city of Kaunas. I had previously studied Environmental Science, and I was looking for an opportunity to work in a natural park,andto live and get toknow a different country.

If you are thinking of volunteering, I would undoubtedly tell you to take your chance. It is an adventure that will give you confidence, put you in contact with people from cultures that are very different to yours. Furthermore, it can help you gain experience related to what you have studied, or to entirely new things if you are looking for a change.

One thing I is sure: it will not leave you indifferent, since it is a complete experience that helps you reflect on yourself, and see and value your life, environment and culture from another perspective

Carolina Rosell