Crossing borders through the game

The week of September 3-11 we had the opportunity to dive into the Black Sea, explore the city of Batumi, enjoy a traditional dance performance, taste the famous Georgian wine and gorge ourselves on cheese with the Khachapuri. All this in the middle of an intense exchange of ideas between young people from Armenia, Spain, Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine, on the use of gamification in the process of building a more active, supportive and fair society.

Through an unconventional methodology that combines group dynamics, individual work and theoretical sessions, we had the opportunity to train in a state-of-the-art sector whose potential can and should be exploited in the field of human rights protection. Likewise, we were able to become agents of change by designing our own educational games and implementing them with young people from a local NGO.

Distributed in three multinational groups, we created three games in which we reflect on topics as diverse as interculturality, the environment and the situation of refugees, very present in a Europe that has become a war field.

This experience has been satisfactory in many aspects. It has given us the opportunity to work as a team, develop our communication and creative skills, as well as to discover diverse and exciting personal and professional experiences. Furthermore, we witnessed first-hand the hospitality of the Georgian society whom we want to thank for teaching us their culture and traditions.

Next October we begin the next phase of training in which we are going to export the projects to our respective communities.

We are looking forward to the challenge!

Helena, Mikel and Julia