Contact Making Seminar

From December 1 to December 6, 2019, FCV had the opportunity to participate in a Contact Making Seminar held in Poland, where 25 organizations from countries from Hungary, Azerbaijan, Spain, Italy, Portugal, North Macedonia, Poland, Turkey and Moldova.

For a week each organization presented their respective organizations and the different actions they carry out within their respective communities. We shared tools and ways of working and learning about the impact of youth in our communities.

On the other hand, we analyzed the main difficulties that an organization may encounter in society due to the lack of subsidies and grants and the lack of support of governments for these type of organizations and how to address different kind of difficulties.

In addition, we all worked together on the creation of future projects in order to submit them all together in the following deadlines.

The main purpose of this seminar was to create a network of new partners and international cooperation in order to work together on future projects.

All these activities were done through non-formal education, where we were all allowed to learn by learning and learning new ways of working.

Finally, as it is tradition, we also had the opportunity to try different typical foods of each country, but also learn traditional dances and music, which was a way to create an atmosphere of respect, inclusion and good vibes.

Finally, the role of EFM (Europejskie Forum Mlodziezy), an organization that the FCV collaborates with, conducted the seminar in the best possible way.

Marc Orozco