Contact making event: EVS Power

Foto-grupo-CME-EVS-PowerOn the whole I can say that the experience stood up to most of my expectations. The organization did a good job with the contents, the logistics of the venue and choosing the trainer (Aleksandrs) a.k.a. person in charge on delivering all the information. I want to highlight his role, because to me he has been a fundamental piece for the success of this event. His experience in this area, his personality and his motivation have been constant during the project.

Foto-equipo-españolAnother point I’d like to highlight is the group of participants. Most of them where people involved with their organizations, with an active role in them and with certain experience. I think this has helped to learn technical aspects, solve some doubts and even make me consider creating a project and making it become reality. At all times I felt guided and welcomed. As a representative of the FCV and part of team Spain, I think we did a good job and contributed with our ideas. Personally, what I liked most and what I take back as the best memory, is the good environment and good vibes between us. I still keep in touch with many, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot of them again…

Juan Pablo.

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