Communication is Key – bilateral volunteering with Greece

The FCV has received the support of the European Solidarity Corps program of the European Commission to organize the volunteering project ‘Communication is the Key’.

FCV will have the pleasure of coordinating the volunteering project ‘Communication is the Key’. Communication is the Key is a project that consists of three parts: a long-term volunteering for a local youngster in Greece, a long-term volunteering hosted by the FCV for a Greek person, and three short-term stays in Greece for three young locals.

This idea was born from the collaboration between the two participating entities -United Societies of Balkans -USB- and Fundació Catalunya Voluntària -FCV, who want to offer volunteer spaces that work on two themes: solidarity and critical thinking within communication.

The project begins in January, and will take place throughout 2021. The objectives of these mobilities focus on critical thinking, media analysis and content creation. It is intended to promote the importance of communication at different levels (between groups, with the general public, between colleagues) and create quality communication, with contrasted information and with an intersectional perspective.

This opportunity aims to emphasize and retake the importance of communication at a time where virtual information is shared more easily, with a larger audience and more quickly, without taking into account the consequences.

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