This original FCV proposal has been selected to be part of the training offer of the ‘Educate in diversity’ initiative, organized by the European Institute of the Mediterranean in collaboration with the Secretariat for Migration and Citizenship of the Catalan Government and the Terrassa City Council.

The FCV will carry out workshops whose objective is to promote intercultural learning and social participation of a group of 3rd year ESO students.

They will take place at the secondary school INS Cavall Bernat in Terrassa, in the spring of this year, in face-to-face format and during school hours, in close collaboration with the teachers and tutors of the center.

The proposal consists of informing about what a campaign is and encouraging the students to carry out one of them, following all the steps and enjoying the practical experience of learning what a campaign is while it is being carried out.

Throughout 3 sessions the students will learn about examples of citizen and community based initiatives and the results of different campaigns, they will be part of a debate about their community needs and they will have to make decisions and organize themselves to create the basic elements of their campaign, which they should design with the purpose of raising awareness about a challenging situation, drawing attention to a need or calling their colleagues, families, educational center or fellow citizens to action.

The activity revolves around identifying a real problem and generating a solution proposal, creating spaces to acquire new points of view and knowledge, while looking at some of the skills and attitudes that can most help to carry out campaigns (such as digital, communication and leadership skills), facilitating an interactive process where participants must be creative by having to perform a variety of tasks with very limited time and resources.

It is a new and different activity, which we do not know has been carried out before in an educational center in our country, and which will include knowledge and experiences of the FCV on carrying out campaigns, incorporating some of the learning from peace education, non-formal and intercultural learning, as well as some of the pedagogical tools that the FCV uses in international training courses and seminars for NGO leaders, methods in which we believe, and that we plan to put in place to support the creation of new campaigns with an impact on their local environment, resulting from an activity that provides with a meaningful learning experience, being able to respond to some of the concerns and interests of the students themselves.

The initiative has the support of the IEMed and the Spanish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation.

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