What will bring us an European training?

‘Water is a message from the universe’

Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist known for his controversial claims that words, sentences, sounds, and thoughts directed toward a volume of water would influence the shape of ice crystals obtained from it. According to Emoto, the aesthetic appearance of crystals would depend on whether the words or thoughts are positive or negative.

Japanese culture, like its philosophy, has always been marked by a profound wisdom that is difficult to understand without an incredibly open mind. Its philosophical, cultural, magical, and spiritual legacy has attracted millions of followers over the years, and today, this deep culture has a lot to offer, as much as every country we visit.

‘Deep rivers flow silently.’

Water means something to us, that is why it flows, jumps, and shakes like a child when you ignore them. Water remembers the places where it has been, and it transmits this in the form of its crystals in a magical way, because, just in case, are we not water? Water that feels, thinks, doubts, and gets excited.

Each country we travel to will give us a different feeling, emotions that will make our vital organs vibrate, and somehow bring us a little more knowledge. We will get excited; think about how curious the country we are in and try to live its essence to the end. Traveling brings us new ways of understanding, perceiving, and doing. For the same reason, traveling is already a clear, compelling, and interesting reason to be able to participate in an international training.


Try to make the journey itself emotional and while you cry remembering the emotions transmitted, the tears jump crystalline, retaining in the memory, the immaculate tear of a special moment.

‘Sadness is like a torn dress: you have to leave it at home.’

Life flows like water. It is necessary to know that water never passes only through idyllic places, also through polluted, rocky, poorly cared for and not too clear places, and that is precisely life. We learn through experience, and luckily the experience is one step ahead and therefore all knowledge will bring us a little more knowledge.

Many people are said to choose to travel as an escape valve to a suffocating time or routine, and certainly one of the reasons for this is as real as life itself. If you leave, leave your oppressed and opaque energies at home, enjoy, smile at all times, and flow the present so that you can understand all that the magic of a few days can bring to us on a personal level.

‘The main thing to learn something is that you like it.’ 

An international training will bring us incalculable knowledge, moments, memories, and joys. If interest is there, much better. Each small grain of sand will help to form a remarkable mountain of new concerns. The key tomaking the present moment emotional is this: ‘In order to flirt, the first rule for things to flow, is the utmost predisposition’, applie this advice to an Erasmus + training. 

‘Even the longest journey begins with a single step.’

At all times, be aware that any new experience can be a door to novelty, to change, to new experiences, to a new direction that we would not have discovered if it had not been for our participation in training.

Remember that everything happens through something in this life, and that, although today we are not fully aware, over the years everything will make perfect sense to create an incredible puzzle. Never close yourself to anything, and it is always wise to keep an open mind, tolerant and willing to discover new horizons. If we are alive, the excitement should not be lost.

“Maybe you must stay still, whether it’s cherry blossoms or hawthorn. Some say love doesn’t like shorter paths.”

Elderly and experienced people say that love, in all its aspects, comes by magic. Love for new skills acquired, multiple knowledge, and perhaps people who arouse feelings and emotions never experienced before, can simply bring us what we would have liked most at a given time in our lives.

Participating in an international training is essential to live, experience, create, learn, and feel the countless emotions that life can give us. Cheer up, knowledge has no place, and remember, your body, which is water, will always give us a message, which will be our key, to enter the universe; it won’t be fast, but it will have been worth it.