Milcoveni 19-29 September 2019 (Romania)

Last September, a group of young people, through the ‘Fundació Catalunya Voluntària’, became part of the “Be a star – Target the moon and you’ll reach the Stars” project, a Youth Exchange in Romania, focused on by enhancing the capacities of the participants in the field of entrepreneurship.

For one part of us, it was the first exchange project and for others, we had already done some, but we all worked very well as a team, getting to know each other in the process and also integrating with the rest of the project participants. That is why we can affirm that all of us have benefited and positively changed while the project, both in the field of knowledge, as well as personal growth and the creation of bonds between participants.


During the week and a half of the project, various activities were carried out, mainly related to the world of entrepreneurship, some were carried out among us, there were also guests related to the field of entrepreneurship that moved to the place where the project was being carried out or we visited, and finally, the local population was also part of our activities as beneficiaries of our ideas and the final project of the exchange, which were proposals for improvement and entrepreneurship in the area.


Another important part of the project was to get to know other countries across Europe in a better way, in particular those that were represented for the other young participants, having the opportunity every single night to experience an intercultural night in one of the countries, including ours, where data and curiosities of the country were shown to the rest, as well as cultural and gastronomic samples of them.

On the reality of the same territory where the exchange took place, and more specifically of the town where we were located, in order to get to know it better, we were entrusted with some activities that linked local people. One was to fill in a quiz about the local area, from landmarking buildings to the older person. The other activity involved the children of the village, during a visit to the school, where in addition to playing with the new and typical games, we heard about what they thought the village needed to be better or what job they wanted to do when they were adults.


We are not sure if our work was able to help the people in that area very much, but we can say that we learned a lot during the process and to us that helped us and we’re glad to be a part of this project, which we recommend for to anyone young and restless, willing to travel, break prejudices, opening itself to new cultures and people and learn and share knowledge.

Sometime after the exchange, the group we participated in, we met again in ‘Fundació Catalunya Voluntària’, to share with Ana Maria, our referent, to share the whole experience and how we valued it and now we want to do it here too.

We want to thank ‘Fundació Catalunya Voluntària’ for the opportunity they gave us, especially Ana Maria for all her work and to encourage anyone who to participate in a similar project because you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose.