An adventure full of emotions, challenges, new faces, new places

Servus everyone, I’m Silvia. Wie geht is dir? Ich bin sehr gut.

Before I begin to explain my adventure, I would like to clarify that I am from Barcelona and I am 23 years old. I have always lived in Barna. And I had no plans to get out of there, since all my life is around Catalan lands: family, friends …

But when I finished my degree, I considered looking for some project/work abroad. At first it was just an idea, but then,it started taking shape. I spent hours and hours looking for what I could do, until I discovered EVS.

From there, I found Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, which helped me a lot (Thank you, team of FundacióCatalunya Voluntària!). At first, I was looking for English-speaking projects (my idea was to improve my level of English).

I didn’t find any that caught my attention; so I started looking for projects in any part of Europe in order to choose the one I liked the most. Finally, I ended up choosing a project (which I am currently in) in Austria. It did not meet the initial criteria (English-speaking country), but the project interested me a lot:

Working in a Montessori school (in a city called Saalfelden). I was very motivated by this idea, since it was related to what I had studied (Primary Education) and, morover, it opened  thedoor to getting to know in depth this alternative methodology.

The first thing that I thought when they accepted me in the project was: “Oops, now this is serious…”, “Oops… I’m going to a German-speaking country and I don’t understand a bit of German”, “Oops… they’ll rip me off,” “Oops… I’ve been told that Austrian-Germans are very cold…”, “Oops… I’ll be in a small village and get bored,” “Oops… I hope to make friends”,“Oops, I will be far from my family and friends (I will miss them too much)”,“Oops… I hope I like it”,“Oops… it’s 10 months, I hope I will make it”, etc. Thetypicalquestionsyou ask yourself when you have never left home and start something new.

But now, I stop to thinkabout it, and I am really very happy with the decision I made, having taken the chance, having had the courage to leave my fears aside and start this adventure. An adventure full of emotions, challenges, new faces, newplaces, new quests, new experiences and a lot of learning, both professionally, and personally-spiritually. I ameven happy for the difficulties I have encountered along the way, because they have made me grow, mature and face life as it is.

In thislife, it is very important to learn to enjoy every moment, and live it with intensity.

YOLO (You Only Live Once).

So, if you want my advice, TAKE YOUR CHANCE!

As thelastadvice in choosing your ESC, understand that the destination / country is not so important, but what you do is what you like, with passion and attitude (being yourself).

Tschüss! Goodbye! Adiós! Adéu!

PS: Although I went to a German-speaking country, my English has improved a lot, since I don’t know German, and it’s the only way I can communicate, hahaha. But I am also learning German.

Silvia Pallàs