Associa’t a la Festa! – La Mercè 2018

Once again, Fundació Catalunya Voluntària took part in Associa’t a la Festa, a space for different associations and entities in the social field, organized on the occasion of the Mercè festivities, patron of Barcelona.

The FCV participated with the Open Cultural Center on Sunday, September 23, in an activity to break the stereotypes of refugees and learn more about them and their experiences.

According to this, a Human Library was organized, an activity of Human Rights Education which consists in ‘reading’ people instead of books, in order to ask in a safe space about different topics.

The book ‘Dear friend!’ was also presented, written by refugee minors in Greece, together with volunteers from OCC. Along with this book, two questions arised: What would you bring in your suitcase? And: What have you learned from other cultures? Both underlined circumstances in which some people have to leave their home, and the importance of an open society that accepts multiculturalism.

Finally, for the ‘smallest’ we had colouring-peace doves , in commemoration of the International Day of Peace, celebrated on September 21.

A sunny and festive Sunday, in the company of organizations deeply engaged to make this city more complete, inclusive and supportive.