Arrival training “The light in the darkness”

Last week I went to Coma-Ruga, Tarragona, for my on arrival training.

Since I arrived to FCV, everybody was talking to me about the on arrival training, and how it changes our vision and experience of EVS. Personally, I was a little bit worried about it. I was thinking that since I arrived 2 months ago, I didn’t need it anymore and that I will be bored

But not at all!

Colombia, Mexico, France, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Liechtenstein, Ukraine, Russia… We were 25 young people from all over the world united for one week of activities and informative courses. And it started the first night, after arriving to the hostel, with ice breaking exercises.

During all the week, the three coordinators organized team building exercises (like a gymkhana), activities to know how to deal with conflict, for example, and more informative sessions to know better about Erasmus + programs and about our rights and duties as a volunteer. We also talked and share about our projects and what we expected about it.

What I really enjoyed, it’s the “informal” moments I shared with the other volunteers at the beach, having a drink, during coffee breaks, in our rooms or during the last night party. It was really nice to share about our EVS experiences and learn about our different mother languages and countries.

One of the things that marked me the most is the moment I shared with two Colombians people and one Mexican boy. They were speaking not even a word of English and my Spanish is really basic, but I literally cried of laughter with them!  It confirmed that we don’t need to speak the same language to feel connected and to create and share great moments. And everybody, during all the week, did the effort or tried to traduce every time in both languages, English and Spanish, to integrate them to conversations and games. Even those who not speak a word of Spanish!

I also enjoyed the tree trekking, even if I almost died 2 times (at least!), and the workshop on Castells (human tower). It was really impressive and it was a good moment to show us that together, we can rise!

Now that I came back to Barcelona, I understand that the arrival training is a real important moment in a volunteer’s life. It allowed me to meet so many interesting people and make new friends, to understand that I am privileged to be part of this experience and so to have a new look on my project. Today, I am more motivated than ever to enjoy my EVS and be involved with my missions. And I can say without hesitation that if you have the opportunity to do one, don’t think twice!