‘Adarró +2500 years ago’ – Exchange results

After collecting some information about the activity of the international youth exchange, organised by FCV in Vilanova y la Geltrú (Barcelona) from the 7th to 15th of August, we can share good news: the exchange reached its social and educational results, and we are really satisfied with it! It helped the participants to develop an important combination of competences, skills and attitudes, that were part of the learning objectives of this activity.

We asked the participants, according to them, which key competences they developed and to evaluate 6 specific competences, on a scale from 0 to 5. Here are the results: teamwork 4,45; communicative skills 4,36; linguistic skills 4,32; sense of initiative 4,18; intercultural skills 4,09 and learning to learn 4,04. The evaluation forms show a global average of 4.24 points out of 5, that we value in a positive way, because it equates to an 8.48 out of 10, especially considering the complexity of these competences. 

The evaluation of the activity program was positive, and the most appreciated activities were: discovering the city and the ones carried out in the ‘Hort de l’Avi’ (‘Granpa’s field’), an urban example of organic agriculture, as well as the creative activities in small groups, such as conducting video campaigns.

Besides, the final evaluation form shows that the place, where the activity took place (Molí de Mar at the Light-tower beach), is perfect to put into practice this type of educational action of young mobility.

Other positive evaluations of the youth exchange are the discovery of new interests and meeting new friends. We had also concrete results about the shooting of 4 video campaigns, the proposal to organise two new international youth exchanges, that we would realise next year, the composition of a creative song, and we hope, the motivation to take part in the organisation of new educational actions and young mobility, in Catalonia and other countries.

For more information about the activity and the results, you can send an email to projectes@catalunyavoluntaria.cat.

*The 5 main objectives of the activity were to (with the evaluation of the participants):

  1. Think about the environmental challenges that concern young people in Europe. (6.73).
  2. Share ideas for a healthier and more sustainable use of natural resources. (6.96).
  3. Understand the importance of each one’s role to create more sustainable and healthy societies. (7.8)
  4. Learn new ecological techniques.  (7.26)
  5. Take inspiration and ideas to improve and change our communities. (7.41)