Presentation of the digital tool “Learning-Curve”

On the 30th of June, at the headquarters of Lafede – Federació d’Organitzacions per la Justícia Global FCV presented the initiative of cooperation for the innovation and exchange of good practices “Youth impact: strengthening the organizational capabilities to build peace in Europe” carried out with the support of  the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. Multiplier (1)During the event we presented one of its main results, the digital tool “Learning Curve – a guide for evaluation and learning for youth organizations” which is already available for all the non-profit, youth organizations that want to improve their impact and give more sustainability to their programs.

The main focus of the tool is to analyze how the organization is structured internally and how they operate, taking into account the aspects that are relevant for all the organizations, such as the external relations, the resources management, the organizational culture, the decision-making processes and the knowledge management at internal level.

The tool enables the user to analyze all aspects from a triple perspective: individual, organizational and in relation with the activities and projects, offering guides, advice and resources in order to improve in said fields. The tool is already available in English in the webpage of UNOY, at this link.Multiplier (3)

The six promoting organizations of the project are UNOY and five more organizations which are European members of the international network. They are all youth organizations and they work in the promotion of peace education, Culture of Peace and conflict management, realizing training, awareness and, in this case, research actions, both in national and international level.

The project is being carried out by UNOY (Hollanda), PATRIR (Romania), CEIPES (Italy), SCI-International (Belgium), EIF (Germany) and FCV (Catalonia), which were the subjects if the research and actively collaborated in the creation of its results.

During the organizations meeting entitled: “What is the change that we want to achieve?” Celina Del Felice, UNOY representative and leader of the research and Lluc Martí, coordinator of the program “Clam per la Pau” in FCV presented for the first time in Europe said tool.

Multiplier (2)The event served to exchange information with other non-profit, youth and cultural Catalan organizations that work in the field of peace and that were able to exchange their experiences and ask questions on how to use the tool.

We thank all the people who participated for their interest, as well as Lafede and all those people who, following this link, work in order to improve the quality of the work in their organizations. We hope that the tool appeals to you!

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Lluc Martí