4 months in Piippola, Finland

I have been living in Piippola for 4 months, living my my EVS, and I can say that:

  • It is a city par excellence located in the heart of Finland with lots of nature and full of snow, great for ski lovers.
  • It has incredible landscapes and views. Especially the sunset is fascinating and also the houses are very large and beautiful.
  • You breathe pure air and a lot of calmness.
  • It is ideal and fantastic to be able to disconnect and rest, you can fully relax.
  • The habitants have infinite kindness, they always help you in everything and more, since they are very polite and respectful.
  • Moreover, people never have a “no” in their mouth and this is very beautiful and wonderful.
  • People are very open-minded and very nice, therefore, it is very easy to make them smile and basically fall in love with them.
  • It is also very comfortable and pleasant to walk and circulate around the streets.