#stayathome they say, #keepcalm they say… It’s already the third week when we must stay at home, and the worst thing is that we don’t know when it will finish! That’s why we asked our team members to share with you their ideas about what to do with all this time we have, how to stay positive and don’t become insane! 🙂

Below you can find 21 useful ideas:

  1. Just start to love your quarantine.
  2. Recover all the sleeping hours from the last years.
  3. Read all those books you bought still thinking that Netflix didn’t exist.
  4. Do something with all those pics you wanted to order and erase… Now it is the moment!! You have been given the opportunity. The same goes for that drawer with so much stuff that it seems Mary Poppin’s handbag. It’s your one and only chance!
  5. It’s time to start what you stopped doing in the past, it can be to carry on the book that you never finished because you didn’t have time. Or to carry on with your forgotten instrument that is waiting in your drawer. But please don’t kill your neighborhood if you are bad with the playing on the instrument you should think twice.
  6. Clean as much as possible, organize everything so my room will look super clean.
  7. Do a small renovation in your flat and enjoy having time for these things!
  8. You have time to improve your knowledge about something that you are interested in. It’s a good moment to learn and develop your competencies.
  9. Listen to music! There are so many different music styles, bands and songs you still don’t know – you can never be bored while discovering them!
  10. Since I found http://radio.garden I like to find music from different radio stations around the planet randomly. I discovered very cool music programs, from Hawai to Brazil, from the Philippines to Puerto Rico.  Find your favorite channel.
  11. Devote some time every day to speak for more than 30 min with some of your friends or your relatives.
  12. Use your time to connect again with one of your (many) friends you are not talking with for a long time. A long conversation with a friend (or a relative) has therapeutic benefits 🙂
  13. Do nothing. Take your time to relax, control your breathing, enjoy the silence and try to avoid having any thoughts, until you feel your brain is completely empty…
  14. You can take your time to observe from the window, balcony or terrace, and just exercise your eyes looking at different distances (especially after spending a lot of time with your mobile or laptop).
  15. Close your eyes for a while and think only in positive thoughts and feelings, while visualizing only positive images.
  16. Now you have time for yourself so think about what do you want to do in your life, what do you want to change. Discover yourself.
  17. Drink beer!! Drinking beer is good for your physical and mental health! Beer for the people!!!
  18. Cooking is also a good method to spend a good time. Try to cook new meals, innovate and be creative while cooking. Eating makes people happy!
  19. Practice yoga and make a cacao ceremony!
  20. Draw like in childhood – it helps to relax and develop your creativity.
  21. Learn a new language!

Have a good quarantine, be healthy and #stayathome!