10 reasons to do a European Volunteering

Are you thinking of doing a European volunteer service? If so, congratulations, you have made one of the best decisions of your life!

Are you thinking of doing it, but you are not entirely sure or safe? Do not worry, from the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària we have prepared for you, ten reasons to encourage you to finish making the decision.

1) You will learn a new language:

Learning a new language is always enriching, where everything can help you a lot for your professional life and to communicate with local people. What better than learning a language living in the country?


2) You will meet new people and people from all over the world:

What is better than being in a cultural, international, and dynamic environment? It will allow you to learn new traditions or habits, new ways of doing and especially new languages. It will allow you to learn how people live in other countries and their ways of thinking. Who knows, maybe you will find friends who will be with you all your life and especially friends from all over the world that will allow you to have an excuse to go visit them.

3) You will discover new remote places in fascinating countries:

Each country has its charm and its own places that make the country unique, you will have time to discover it for yourself. It will allow you to delve into the most beautiful places in the country, and who knows, maybe you fall in love and end up staying once the volunteering is over.

4) You will be collaborating with the local community:

Remember that your main objective is to volunteer in the country, thanks to which it will allow you to enter a local community, feel that you belong to a community doing something for the community. Take advantage of this moment to learn, to grow and to discover what you like to do.

5) It will allow you to see things from another perspective:

Being away from home, that is, outside your comfort zone, will especially help you discover what you like, what you are passionate about and discover skills that you did not know you had, it will prepare you for the coming back with clearer ideas and being someone else In short, it will allow you to discover yourself. Take advantage of your time to get to know yourself, it is a good time.

6) It will allow you to do things that you have never done:

European volunteering is a good option to do things that you have never done or that you had never planned to do, such as, for example, the, ‘hitch-hiking’ , you will live new experiences and you will have new stories to tell your friends. You just need to get out of the comfort zone!

7) You will leave footprints and paths:

Through your volunteering, you will be helping a local community with needs where your work will be highly valued by everyone and will allow you to feel useful, and that you are really leaving a footprint on society.

8) You will begin to accept the unexpected:

Volunteering is totally different from a normal job and a monotonous life, each day can be different and that is what is truly important, each day will be a new day, where it will allow you to accept the unexpected things.

9) You will learn to adapt quickly:

Every change needs an adaptation, European volunteering of course, is a very big change, but you will learn to adapt, because after all you will have no other option, but believe me when I tell you that you will begin to learn to adapt and that when you come back you will have already acquired these competence.

10) Maybe you’ll fall in love:

Of course, we cannot assure you of this, but who knows? Maybe the love of your life is in another country or in another place in this world. Dare to discover it!

Above all, do not fear change, many times changes are for the better, just let yourself go through life, getting out of the comfort zone is not easy, but believe me when I tell you that it is worth it.

If you want more information about European volunteers or do not know where to start, send a message to info@catalunyavoluntaria.cat  (Ana María), we will be delighted and happy to help you on your way to volunteering!!!