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  • The fine arts as an educational and transformative element

    The FCV has gained the support of the European Commission to implement the project of innovation and promotion of creativity in youth issues titled ‘Fine arts for FINE Learning’ that revolves around the fine arts as a source of learning from a European perspective. The practice of artistic disciplines considered

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  • Make Yourself More Employable

    The Youth Exchange “Make Yourself More Employable” has been a valuable experience for all of us. We think that it has given us a lot of things that we’ll share with you now. We also wanted to mention a few improvements that can be made in future exchanges. On one

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  • Results-New Learnings and Business Ideas

    All non-formal training activities have two privileged sources for learning in reflection and teamwork. For this reason, at FCV we like to create spaces and activities so that both are a relevant part of the program. That the whole group can express themselves freely is essential to know the group’s

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