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  • The FCV commitment to the SDGs

    The 25th September 2015, the General Assembly of the United Nations approved the 2030 Agenda with the objective of eradicating poverty, fighting against inequality and injustice, and combating climate change among other purposes. This agenda, together with other agreements such as the Paris Accords, set up the route to pursue

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  • I’m going for European volunteering in Barcelona!

    Imagine…it’s  the middle of pandemia, television is making you scared and a bit ‘pandemy-maniac’. What do you do then? Go for ESC – European volunteering in Barcelona! Sounds crazy?  Not as crazy if you think about it longer and deeper. My thought was: ‘Even if I can’t meet many people,

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  • FCV will host the international seminar “Youth Leadership for Advocacy”

    Fundació Catalunya Voluntària is happy to share good news: we have received the support of the Erasmus + Program of the European Commission to organize and carry out the training activity for youth workers ‘Youth Leadership for Advocacy’, which It will take place in the Garraf region (Barcelona) in 2021

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