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  • Archipelagos: Defending the Mediterranean

    From 16th to 20th February we have visited our partners in Greece, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, who will host 8 participants during the months of April, May and June 2020, for an internship in the marine conservation field and within the framework of the TLN Mobilicat program. During the

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  • A long-term volunteering in Slovakia

    Claudia is doing her long-term volunteer work in Slovakia, at a youth centre. Here she tells us a little about her day to day life!  The project has different activities that are classified by clubs and that take place inside and outside the centre. Now, I mainly teach Spanish, but

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  • Rites of Passage: Embracing Change in Ourselves

    For a week in November, I was at the Asha Centre (Flaxley, England) doing the Erasmus+ experience ‘Training Course Rites of Passage: Embracing Change in Ourselves’’. The course was about rituals and the path to maturity. We did many activities on introspection, to get to know ourselves better and to

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