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  • Forum “The Institutionalization of Volunteering”

    The FCV has been invited to participate in the Forum “The Institutionalization of Volunteering”, an event that will take place in Casablanca, Morocco, on December 15th. During International Volunteer Day, the main goal will be create a dialogue among national and international experts in order to boost reflections and the

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  • EVS in Barcelona at 30yo

     When you are living in a small village you need to deal with stereotypes and old fashioned opinion about who is young and who not, what you should do and should not, what is good and what is not. Surrounded by that kind of thoughts I’ve spent a lot of

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  • The magic of spontaneity in less than two hours

    Have you ever felt the flow? A special connection with a person just knowing it? Maybe you have not stopped laughing for a long time and you did not know why (without cheating!)? Or did you take action without thinking about it, letting yourself be carried away by your instinct?

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