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  • TLN Mobilicat: A worthwhile experience

    I discovered TLN Mobilicat thanks to a friend who also participated in this program although he went to a different country. I had already finished my degree of history, and I had already completed my master’s degree in teaching to be able to work in this area. I had done

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  • International Peace Day

    THE WAR CULTURE WINS ALL THE AWARDS AND CHAMPIONSHIPS (AND THE ABOLITION OF WARS’ FOR WHEN?) On such an important day as today: September 21, the International Day for Peace, at FCV we want to draw attention to a fact that worries us: we are experiencing one of the most

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    Cyprus is the divided island that has united several young people this September. Thanks to the Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria, Gemma, Anna, Alba, Mohammed, Abel and Erola we spent the first days of September on the island of Cyprus. We have done a youth exchange called ECO-TOGETHER, organized by the entity

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