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  • International Conference ‘Designing the future of Europe’

    On December 10, the international conference ‘Designing the future of Europe’ will take place in Athens, to report on the results of various educational activities carried out by young people in Greece, within the framework of the ‘Youth Pool 2021’ initiative. In the event, dedicated to social participation, these young

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  • Rites of Passage

    Since we saw the title of this article written as a topic of a Formation in the Forest of Dean, in England, Raquel and Gisela knew from that moment that this was our formation, a call to our souls to undertake a transformative journey!  We went through some impediments and

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  • Experience in Kysak

    Mainly, I would like to thank the FCV for being a candidate for this great opportunity and thus enjoying this magnificent experience. Next, to say that I recommend this training to everyone, especially to those interested in poetry, literature, bibliotherapy and people who work with children.  With this adventure,  I

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