I can not believe I am getting to the end of my internship here in Fundació Catalunya Voluntària.

It seems yesterday when I arrived here. Even though the time has been flying, in this multidimensional organization I could acquire a better understand of this little world, a planet composed by many different activities which we, together with the EVS volunteers, had contributed for the Catalan and international youngsters.

I would like to summarize this 3-months period here in few lines even though it seems impossible. Let’s say that sometimes heading for the office early in the morning has been a challenge. Challenging was also the course we organized for some Moroccan guys who took part in our project abroad. Challenging was their struggle with the English language. It was a moment where I could employ my knowledge of our non-formal education pillar while learning from them as well: a bidirectional learning essential to achieve relevant results.

My affinity with the daily tasks was reflected outside too. Though the streets of such a colorful city I experienced its real soul, a multicultural and active city where I never lived before. In every corner I could find something going on that matched my point of view or, at list, somebody to talk with. And it is not the only reality I could experience!

I had the pleasure to took part in a seminar in Cascais, close to Lisbon, about Glocal Education and Citizenship on behalf of the FCV, a great week when I enhance my knowledge related to youth work while deeply exploring the local reality and its opening toward global issues.

Of course 3 months are not enough to dive in this unique environment which I have been knowing better and better. What I can certainly say is that I developed some more useful tools and critical gaze which will be relevant in my daily and professional life.

Sorry, I would love to keep on writing but I have to go… we are having the christmas lunch all together!