From the 6th to 10th of February the ‘International Volunteering Forum of the Arab World’ will take place in Hammamet (Tunisia), with the participation of the leaders of volunteer organizations from 19 Arab countries. The aim of this forum is to promote the culture of volunteering in the Arab world and to increase knowledge and exchange information between entities that represent the voluntary sector in their own countries.

The forum will serve as a way to share information and proposals on which methodologies may be most appropriate in each of the countries, to encourage and reinforce volunteering as well as to advance in the construction of networks within the region.

Participating in the forum will be useful to us to engage in a greater understanding of the needs of volunteering in the region, to identify some of the differences and similarities that exist in the different countries, as an initial and necessary step to develop a closer collaboration.

The countries participating in the forum are Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, Sudan, Mauritania, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and also Slovenia and Sweden, invited to introduce their culture of volunteering.

The Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, which was the only European entity invited to participate in the earlier International Forum in Casablanca (Morocco) -dedicated to the institutionalization of volunteering-, has been invited on this occasion to present the culture of volunteering in Catalonia and Spain.

In FCV we plan to organize activities to encourage the exchange between voluntary organizations in the Arab countries and in Catalonia. Another aim is to promote new initiatives within the same region in order to favor volunteering.

We will keep you updated.

Lluc Martí