The FCV, invited to participate in the Second International Conference ‘Excellence in Social Work’, in the kingdom of Bahrain.

The FCV is invited to participate and to present its trajectory and experience in the international conference dedicated to social services and the role of the civil society, which is organized by the Kingdom of Bahrain from October 5 to 7, an event in which entities from more than 15 countries will participate, mainly from the Gulf countries and the Arab world, being FCV one of the few representatives from other regions of the world.

The conference will bring together more than a hundred of social service professionals from the public and private sector, volunteer managers, public officers and civil society leaders providing a wide range of programs and services for the most vulnerable groups in different countries, including Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India.

Conference is organized by the Bahrain Civil Society Work, with the support of the country’s authorities in Manama.

The FCV will hold a workshop dedicated to informing about the situation of volunteering in Catalonia and Europe, presenting its educational and volunteer management strategy and encouraging the participating entities to collaborate and partner with Catalan non-profit entities in projects supported by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission.

The FCV will have a stand where it will offer information on the type of activities that we can carry out in partnership with the entities of the different participating countries, in diverse fields, such as the training of leaders or the realization of transnational volunteer programs for young people.

Participating in the conference will allow us to learn about new realities and move forward in the establishment of new partnership relationships with representatives of civil society, government and universities of the aforementioned countries, with a clear objective: to create new training, volunteer and mobility programs and opportunities that will favor exchange, mutual knowledge and improve the international projection of Catalonia and the leadership of Catalan civil society organizations.

The European representation is formed by 4 organizations from: Spain (the FCV), Germany, France and United Kingdom.

For more information about the activity, you can send an email to (Lluc Martí).

If you know someone who lives in Bahrain and is interested in participating in the conference, you can send an email to the same address.