As a volunteer in FCV, I participated to my midterm training, between the 23th and 26th of july.

During 4 days, I was in Mollina, Malaga, with other volunteers from everywhere in Europe. This training have been the opportunity to take a look back on my 7 months passed in Barcelona, but also a reflection time to my 3 months left.

The activities organized by the facilitators were a nice way to realize everything I accomplished in FCV, and everything I want to do before the end of my project. I came to Barcelona to search myself and who I want to be. But also to grow up by going out of my comfort zone, be more open minded, improve my Spanish and my professional skills in another country. This midterm helped me to figure what goal I reached and wish one I still need to work on it. I also learned more about YouthPass and how it can be useful to me in my “after EVS” life.

“My after EVS life”… It sounds scary! I just had time to get used to my new city, new language and new country, that I already have to think about leaving it and start a new life, once again. I was really nervous about it before going to Mollina, and talk about it helped me to think about the different options I have (go back to university, search a job in France, stay in Barcelona…). But it also helped me to think about it in a more relaxing way, and to realize that my experience is not over: I have still 2 month left, and I need to enjoy them at the maximum with trips, new meetings, and discoveries!