Barcelona, ​​January 2018

Now just about a year ago a friend told me about what an EVS was, it was totally unknown to me, but without thinking too much I decided to go to a meeting at the FCV, (I thought … “You really do not lose anything for listen, look! “). Well, said and done was and just to finish the meeting was clear, it was something made to measure for me, and most importantly, it came at a time in my life when I could do it (since it is true, that not always you have that availability, for whatever reasons).

Without thinking too much, I threw myself into the pool, and without realizing it, a month later I was on a plane on the way to Turkey.

I know that all the things that I will tell you now, sound like a cliché, sound like they forced me to write it …

But no, this EVS, has probably been one of the best experiences of my life.

I have improved a lot as a person, I have improved my work level, I have improved my English a lot, I have met a lot of interesting people and I have friends all over Europe, I have travelled, and I have even found love …

What else can I ask? Well, the only thing I would like is that these lines serve for more indecisive people like me, and that I can enjoy this great experience that has completely changed my life.

Obviously there has also been some hard moment, longing for family and friends … But the balance is totally positive, compared to these small negative things.

Find a project with which you feel identified and believe you can contribute and do not waste your time, you have until 30 years!

Many thanks to the FCV for giving me this opportunity, and many encouragement in this great task that you do.

Happy 10 years, and many more!